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About Ascension 3

Dr. Karen Kan Ascension 3 Water Crystals

Ascension 3 products are designed to give you quick and easy access to powerful healing energies. You're only limited by your attention and imagination.

Each piece is individually and permanently infused with the Clearing and Protection frequencies of Ascension 1, the Healing and Integration frequencies of Ascension 2, the EMF radiation protective frequencies of the Schumann Resonance, the evolutionary healing frequencies of Hiddenite Crystal Gemstone, and the life-affirming frequencies of the Flower of Life. 

  • You can read the benefits of Ascension 1 & 2 energies HERE.
  • You can listen to the benefits of the Schumann Resonance infusion HERE
  • You can read the benefits of Hiddenite HERE
  • You can read about the Flower of Life HERE

Just by having the product near you helps envelop you in a positive energy field.

One of the five infused frequency sets, the Schumann Resonance, has been shown in a clinical study conducted by Dr. Jeffrey Fannin, to be highly protective against EMF stress and brain imbalances. In the images below, you'll see the negative effects of a cell phone on the brain before the Schumann energy-infused cell phone transformer was used (first image).  The red indicates brain over-excitation - a dangerous effect of cell phone radiation.

In the second image, where the Schumann energy-infused cell phone transformer was used, you'll see that the cell phone radiation damaging effects are neutralized and the brain remains calm and does not get damaged.  The energy infused in the transformer is the same energy infused into all of the Ascension 3 Products.  The major difference is that Ascension 3 Products also have multiple other beneficial frequencies infused.

Brain damaging effects of cell phone radiation before Ascension 3Brain protective effects of Ascension 3

Instructions for Use:

  1. Touch or focus your attention on the Ascension product
  2. Tell it what you want it to heal or balance
  3. Imagine the healing already completed
  4. Give thanks for the support

    You can direct powerful healing energies to whomever or whatever you wish. If it is for the highest good, the healing will "happen". 

    Ascension 3 is like having a magic wand at your disposal. You aim your wand with your attention and you direct the healing with your intention. Directing healing has never been so easy! 

    About Strength

    The strength of the product refers to how much Light Medicine power the product holds. You can think of strength like the size of a dose of medicine.

    Generally, the larger the piece, the stronger the power. The more crystals there are, the stronger the power. Crystals and gem stones hold Ascension 3 energies better than glass or silicone. Swarovski Crystals are the preferred crystal for infusion because they do not have a memory of their own and they can accept new frequencies easily.

    The necklaces have varying strengths that is not only dependent upon the size of the crystal but also whether the necklace has a silicone cord.  The silicone cord has also been infused with Ascension 3 energies.  Thus a larger size crystal may have the same Medium Strength as a smaller crystal if the former has a sterling silver chain and the latter has a silicone cord.

    The baby teethers only have the largest silicone bead infused, but because of its size, teethers are considered Medium strength. This has not been a problem for babies we've tested them with. Because babies are held close to their parents bodies and parents often have smartphones, the teether at medium strength is appropriate to protect both parent and child from the negative effects of EMF.

    The toddler bracelets although small, are also considered Medium Strength because the entire bracelet has been energy-infused.

    The child bracelets are made of glass beads. Because of the size of the beads and the size of the bracelets, they are considered Mild Strength.

    The teen bracelets are made of glass beads and waxed cord. Because of the size of the beads and bracelet, they are considered Mild Strength. 

    Precautions for Highly Sensitive Adults

    Adults, women in particular, who are highly sensitive may wish to wear the jewelry only during the daytime to start so as to accommodate to the powerful energies. At any time you feel like you are detoxifying too quickly (headache, fatigue etc.),you can actually tell your Ascension 3 piece to support and heal your detoxification system, making it more efficient before you take it off to try again the next day.

    If you have concerns about this, please feel free to contact Dr. Karen HERE


    Who makes Ascension 3 Jewelry?


    Meet Mila Finley. She is a Sensitive Soul, partner to Brandon (another Sensitive Soul) and their daughter, Camaya. Mila is an old Soul and often feels the weight of the world on her shoulders. She never really felt like she fit in and she came from a highly dysfunctional family. Making Ascension 3 jewelry for other Sensitive Souls feels good, and she takes great pride and care with each piece.  Even little Camaya gets involved with helping mommy put the finished jewelry into their jewelry bags, usually with a big smile.
    Right now, Mila is a stay-at-home mom while Brandon works full-time and goes to massage therapy school. Life is challenging on many levels, but Mila is determined to help people. Her passion is singing and she one day hopes to heal people with her songs. For now, she is delighted to help people feel better by handmaking Ascension 3 jewelry. Feel free to follow Mila's journey on Facebook 


    Joshua Merrill is the owner of WovenCord USA and his passion for cording came about purely by accident! An uneventful work day at a crane and rigging company lead to him finding a hobby he enjoyed. Shortly after making a few pieces, he began to receive requests from friends and family, fast forward to 2021 and WovenCord USA runs as a self sufficient business tending to the needs of those who ultimately use paracord as a tool.

    WovenCord USA is unlike any other small paracord business, choosing to focus on customer satisfaction and quality over income or profit. Their products are 100% hand crafted AND 100% sourced in the USA, which is one of the reasons Dr. Karen has chosen WovenCord USA.



    About Dr. Karen Kan

    Dr. Karen Kan, Doctor of Light Medicine
    19 years ago…

    I burnt out and ended up with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.  I was even depressed and suicidal, but believe it or not, I wouldn't trade that experience for the world. Being sick made me compassionate to the plight of others.  Once I committed to the path of healing, I dove headlong into nutritional, emotional and spiritual healing.  I healed myself in two years and began sharing the wisdom I had learned to help others like me.  And I discovered many people in similar circumstances were sensitive souls.

    About 6 years ago…
    I wrote a bestselling book, Guide to Healing Chronic Pain – a Holistic Approach to help others suffering from fibromyalgia and pain disorders. I was featured on Biography TV and PBS's Discoveries in Alternate Medicine. In 2016 I launched onto the global telesummit stage as an entity clearing and Light Medicine expert.

    I've developed a self-healing program that utilizes the forces of creation described in quantum physics with the ancient traditions of mystery schools. It's called the TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method. Working with me is like being tapped into a spiritual supercomputer and I am sort of like Yoda® from Star Wars®, training you to be a Jedi® Master in your own healing. 

    I created a program called the Light Warrior Bootcamp™ that included two very powerful MP4 and MP3 programs called Ascension 1 All-In-One Clearing and Protection and Ascension 2 All-in-One Healing and Integration. Ascension 1 was designed to clean and clear negative entities and energies, and Ascension 2 was designed to restore and downloaded positive blueprints of ideal health and wellness.  Together, they have the frequencies that originated from my former lifetime in Lemuria, called TOLPAKAN™, to heal thousands of things.

    I asked Source if it was possible to put both Ascension 1 and 2 into the same MP3/MP4 and the answer was No.  But as Ascension elevated the frequencies of the planet, I got the answer that it was possible to infuse crystals and stones with both sets of healing frequencies. Thus Ascension 3 was born.

    I'm thrilled to be teaching others how to heal with speed, ease and grace through the TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method and graduating TKH Level 2 Practitioners 2020 and beyond. The "TKH" Method ALIGNS you with Source, then you ASK quality healing questions, and then consciously ACTIVATE specific healing frequencies.

    Learn more about the TKH Method HERE.

    This year…

    2020 was an exciting year with the release of my book, Sensitivity Is Your Superpower, an important book that teaches you how to resonate the frequencies of calm and peace amidst negative and chaotic energies. It teaches you how to tap into their intuition in multiple ways, such as Divine Muscle Testing™ and Intuitive Impressioning™.  And you can even extract your foundational Soul Mission in Chapter 6!

    Sensitivity Is Your Superpower helps you radically transform your relationships for the better through Transformational Telepathy™ and be able to overcome ANY obstacles in your life through Perception Kung Fu and the Reframe Reliever. You'll learn how to do remote healing using a prop, and even to perform beginner Telekinesis.

    Sensitivity Is Your Superpower Book by Dr. Karen Kan

    Sensitivity Is Your Superpower is available as a Paperback or Kindle.


    Other books I've co-authored this year…

    Navigating the Clickety Clack: How to Stay Peace-filled in a Seemingly Toxic World

    The Clickety-Clack refers to the sound that a bicycle chain makes when changing gears before it has locked onto the new gear.  It is the "noise" in our lives that perturbs us and brings us out of balance. This book contains simple and effective tips and strategies to navigate back to peace and calm, no matter what is ailing you!
    Navigating the Clickety-Clack: How to Live a Peace-Filled Life in a  Seemingly Toxic World - Kindle edition by Leon S., Keith, Canfield, Jack,  Proctor, Bob, Whitman, Christy. Professional & Technical Kindle eBooks @


    Evolutionary Healer: Radical Wisdom from 18 Ascending Visionaries

    In this book, each one of us shares our unique stories and personal and professional experiences in our chapters. They are all totally unique, yet there is something about all of us that creates an incredible synergy. I am sure it will captivate you, elevate your consciousness, and evolve your being! My chapter is called Alternate Self Syndrome - How highly sensitive people can heal multiple timelines to create greater health and wellness. I'll be including a specific TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method protocol to minimize the impact of your alternate timelines' issues (brand new, never-before revealed!)


    Evolutionary Healer: Radical Wisdom from 18 Ascending Visionaries by  Ariadne Avalon

    Connect with me on social media at the Light Warrior Network!