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Ascension 3 Energy Infused Shungite Pendulum on Chain

*Regular* Shungite Pendulum - LIMITED!

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Strength: Strong

This Shungite Pendulum is made from Regular Type III Polished Shungite,  measures 40x15x15mm, and has been infused with the Ascension 3 frequencies to support your self-healing.


Shungite is considered the "miracle stone" from Russia with many benefits, including:

  • Shielding EMF Radiation
  • Protection from Geopathic Stress & other undesirable energies
  • Helps to ground your energies 
  • Clears aura and space of negative energies
  • Balances the Root Chakra
  • Combined with Ascension 3, this shungite pendulum can aid you in dowsing. With intention, it can support your self-healing and can be used the same way as the jewelry.
Shungite is found almost exclusively in the Republic of Karelia, the Russian Federation, where there are over 1 billion tons of shungite. The largest shungite deposit in the world is called Zazhoginsky mine at it is located on Zaonezhie peninsula in Karelia, near Shunga village which gave the rock its name. Shungite stones can be divided into three types depending on the amount of carbon in it.
  • Type III Shungite is usually called Regular Shungite stone and it contains from 30-50% of carbon.
  • Type II Shungite got his name from the Russian Emperor, Peter the Great, and is known as Petrovsky Shungite. This type of Shungite is quite rare and contains about 75% of carbon. It can also be easily cut and polished like regular Shungite, but in terms of properties and crystal energy, Petrovsky Shungite is closer to Type I Elite Shungite.
  • Type I Shungite is called Noble or Elite Shungite and it contains from 90-98% carbon in it. Elite Shungite nuggets have shiny silvery surface and have a great energetic potential due to the high percentage of carbon but cannot be polished or made into jewelry.  

*Please Note: This is a limited edition product made in Russia and energy-infused in America

Each piece is individually and permanently infused with the Clearing and Protection frequencies of Ascension 1, the Healing and Integration frequencies of Ascension 2, the EMF radiation protective frequencies of the Schumann Resonance, the evolutionary healing frequencies of Hiddenite Crystal Gemstone, and the life-affirming frequencies of the Flower of Life.

  • You can read the benefits of Ascension 1 & 2 energies HERE.
  • You can listen to the benefits of the Schumann Resonance infusion HERE
  • You can read the benefits of Hiddenite HERE
  • You can read about the Flower of Life HERE

Instructions for Use:

  1. Touch or focus your attention on the Ascension product
  2. Tell it what you want it to heal or balance
  3. Imagine the healing already completed
  4. Give thanks for the support

Additional Information:

If you are a highly sensitive person, you may wish to avoid sleeping with the pendulum next to you all night until you are acclimatized to its powerful healing energies. You may experience vivid dreams.